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EMIDEC documents

These documents are stored as PDF files for convenience of downloading or viewing or printing.
They are created from simple scans - no searchable text or anything clever, I'm afraid.
The size of each file is shown, so that large files can be avoided if necessary.

Coding sheets185K
Instruction Manual (Emidec 1100)
Cover page152K
Instruction Manual (ICT 1101)
Section 0 Title and contents102K
Section 1 General description208K
Section 2 Storage of information within a word124K
Section 3 Instruction code and program1.2Mb
Section 4 Drum storage220K
Section 5 Synthesis and recording program1.0Mb
Section 6 Program techniques and modification system560K
Section 7 Input and output3.0Mb
Section 8 Control console280K
Section 9 Timing57K
Sort Program Manual (Emidec 1100)
Cover page90K
EMIDEC Computer News brochure


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